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Co-Packing Services

For Your Private Label Brand


St. Cousair' professionals and facility have the experience, expertise and equipment to manufacture a diverse line of products.

Our real strength lies in our recipe making for a broad range of products. With experience in developing over 1,000 products, we can create recipes and find the right ingredients for your Private Brand.

Since St. Cousair is well-known not only as a food producer, but also as a select shop, we can also assist you to develop Japanese food products for your Brand, utilizing our wide network of Japanese food producers.

With our 26,000-square-foot production and distribution center located not too far from the port facilities of Portland, Oregon, and with the means to accommodate large-scale trucking, storage, and freezing, St. Cousair can carry out packing and shipping orders for deliveries across the USA and around the world.

St. Cousair also provides Co-Packing for Food Services such as restaurants, cafes and hotels. For details, click here.

Please contact us at (503)538-2929 or email us at with your questions.

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