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Our Brands

The Private Label Brands We Produce

St. Cousair produces high-quality, Private Label goods for a number of well-known brands. Additionally, St. Cousair manufactures products for sale in Japan under the brands St. Cousair and Kuze Fuku & Co., the brands of our parent company, St. Cousair Co., Ltd.

St. Cousair’s Brand Concept of "Country Comfort" espouses the way of life experienced by our founder, Ryozo, when he visited Normandy, France. There he saw the innovative spirit and pride in the work of the local people, who use the rich, natural resources of the region to create authentic food and wine. St. Cousair’s products are made to embody that lifestyle and tradition.

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Kuze Fuku & Co., known as "the Japanese Gourmet Store," is the go-to place for authentic, old-world Japanese cuisine and culinary items.This brand’s lineup of products is created by a large number of regional creators of traditional Japanese delicacies found throughout the Japanese countryside. Learn More >

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The Grocery & Wine is St.Cousair's latest venture. This chain of retail stores specializes in gourmet food from both Japan and all over the world, conveniently located in one place. TGW focuses less on food or drinks for gift giving, and more on products for everyday use.

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